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*pant pant*
Being in court doesn't leave me with much time to take care of my dogs and getting stuck in traffic on my way home didn't help. Spent a whole 5 mins with the dogs, then when back. Got stuck in traffic again, cops everywhere, streets blocked off, they refused to let me enter the Tribunal vicinity. I had to drive right past and at this point I was 4 minutes aways from being late for court. Made an illegal u-turn (and I don't mean illegal as in not allowed, I mean illegal as in a cop gave me a stop sign and I ignored it...) and dumped my car on the curb in a neighbourhood close by. At least I was allowed in the building on foot, at this point desperately late for court. Dumped my coat and purse somewhere (will they still be there when I get out? No one knows) and dashed in just before the judges entered (well in fairness they saw me and waited for me). Am now completely out of breath, sweaty and flustered, worried about my stuff, the illegaly parked car and the ignored stop sign, this could all turn out very expensive. And why? Because of some damn un-announced EXERCISE.
Seriously, wtf?!

Canteen fail
Our canteen is terrible. Like really really terrible. And one of the terrible things that defines them is that they can't spell and seem to have no grasp on the English language. We've had items on the menu such as patatoes, strir fry (they always spell it strir fry), chunky farmer soup, tunna sandwiches and so on. Today's highlights are mushrrom soup and vegetable stroodle.

That's right, stroodle.

I think I'lll go there now and order my sexual act involving two males. Please make sure one of them is uncircumsized, please and thank you. Mind you, at 5.75 euro, you could do worse.

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So weird to have Sharon Raydor's glasses lying next to me on my desk. I half expect the rest of her to show up as well. ;)


Police Academy IV
I looked into getting into the Police academy, just because you know, just because I can. And at some point I will need a new career anyway.
So I started with salary, because I assumed it wouldn't be that much. HA! You know what a first year rookie gets in this country? 900 euros a month! BEFORE TAXES!

Dudes, that doesn't even cover half my mortgage!

On to the next plan...

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As a kid you sort of live in a happy bubble where the outside world can't come in and everything revolves around you. I'm not sure at what age you start to become aware of more global things. When you start to realize there's more to life than you, your house, your family. But I do remember what news it was that first hit me to my core with the unfairness of it all, it was the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela. It made me so angry! And for the first time in my life I felt completely helpless.

UNfail part 2
In today's news:

Due to the likely threat of a severe storm, staff are asked to be vigilant when entering or exiting both UN-ICTY buildings.

God forbid any one of us would damage the damn door when coming in! Seriously! We're only supposed to be careful in the doorway and then just go stand under a tree and wait for it to fall on you?

Oh, this place!

-- In the next 24 hours I expect a broadcast message to be posted advising all staff on how to renew their contracts.

This in response to the staff being slightly worried about the fact that ALL our contracts end on December 31st and no one has yet been extended officially. And now this dumb thing? I can only hope that it is some sort of typo/wrong wording and we don't have to actually renew our own contracts. Unless of course that gives us a nice opportunity for a raise...

The Visibility Cloak
My arm hurts because the automatic door at work crashed into it. And not for the first time either. Somehow I seem to be invisible to motion sensors and laser beams. Automatic doors do not open for me. Elevator doors close on me. I cannot wash my hands in those bathrooms with motion sensored taps or make the towel thingy come down. I always have to ask someone else to do it for me and this is a problem when there is no one else in the bathroom with you. And people look at you funny when you ask if they can please make the tap run. Or when you're waving your arms like a loon and jumping up and down in front of an automatic door.
But then I started to wonder if the same would apply to motion sensors on burglary alarms or laser beams in museums and stuff. Maybe I should try stealing the Hope diamond and see how that works out. Once I am rich I can hire a scientist to make me a visibility cloak.

Can't wait for my Sharon Raydor glasses to arrive in the mail
/fangirl mode

8 years?
8 years! And I still have this account, that is just amazing.


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